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50.00 €
Savings Menu (2 people)

Recommended "popcorn", 3 gyozas, 4 jumpin’ jac...

95.00 €
Savings menu (4 people)

Recommended Vegan "popcorn", 4 gyozas, 8 jumpin’ jac...

Pica pica

3.90 €

Sesame Soy Vegan with sweet dashi soy sauce

4.90 €

Recommended Sesame Soy Vegan cauliflower popcorn with togarashi spice, sriracha sauce & alioli

4.90 €
bang bang broccoli

Peanuts Sesame Soy Vegan broccoli, bang bang sauce, peanuts, kimchi, fermen...

3.00 €
homemade kimchi

Recommended Gluten free Vegan homemade kimchi

2.00 €
premium chopsticks

bring home your own fancy chopsticks


5.90 €

Sesame Soy Vegan filled with shiitake mushrooms & Roots & Rolls sweet dashi sauce (3)

5.90 €

Recommended Gluten free Sesame Soy Vegan japanese veg pancakes, wakame & pickled ginger, alioli & sriracha (3)

6.90 €
heüra karaage

Recommended Gluten free Soy Vegan marinated Heüra with ginger, soy & chilli...

5.90 €
green C lemon peppers

Sesame Vegan padron peppers, yuzu miso sauce, sesame & lemon


15.00 €

Gluten free Spicy Soy Vegan vocado maki with gluten-free panko, heüra tar...

15.00 €
jumping 'jack

Gluten free Sesame Soy Vegan Mustard heüra, bbq jackfruit, nut lettuce, caramelise...

15.00 €
hip caroots

Gluten free Peanuts Soy Vegan Mustard marinated carrots, peanut sauce, togarashi spices,...

12.00 €

Recommended Gluten free Sesame Soy Vegan edamame, mint, portobello, cucumber, caramelised o...

15.00 €
say cheese

Recommended Gluten free Walnuts Soy Vegan dill cream "cheese", asparagus, pickled ...

9.00 €
avo makis

Gluten free Soy Vegan avocado, 2 homemade sauces, & black quinoa rice (8 uni.)

39.00 €
sushi tasting

Recommended Gluten free Vegan 4 jumpin’ jack, 4 hip caroots, 4 mentamame, ...


11.90 €
The ceviche

Gluten free Walnuts Soy Vegan Marinated heüra, avocado, asparagus, cherry t...

8.90 €
NY noodles

Recommended Peanuts Sesame Soy Vegan with homemade peanut sauce & julienne salad (cold) 

8.90 €
saigon roll

Recommended Peanuts Soy Vegan rice paper, pickled red cabbage, daikon and carrot...

10.90 €

Recommended Sesame Soy Vegan Japanese noodles, goma sauce, marinated bamboo, wa...


9.90 €
kari coco

Gluten free Vegan mild thai red curry with sweet potato, figueres on...

9.90 €
roots yakisoba

Sesame Soy Vegan marinated bamboo, broccoli, carrot, red cabbage, t...

15.90 €
of the Japanese taquero

Recommended Sesame Soy Vegan baked gyoza tacos, bbq jackfruit, lamb's lettu...


6.50 €
choc avocado brownie

Recommended Vegan Belgian chocolate & avocado Brownie

6.50 €

Gluten free Walnuts Vegan cashew citrus "cheesecake” with toasted almond crust, red berry glaze

6.50 €
apple strudel

Soy Granny Smith marinated apples, raisins, almond crumble & hot milk candy


0.00 €
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